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Grant Examples

Take a look at some of the examples of the many different grants that The Harley Trust has awarded.


 These examples are just a small selection of the numerous grants the Tustees approve at each bi-annual meeting.

Grants to the dependants of deceased clergy.



  • Annual awards are made to over 40 dependants of deceased clergy amounting to over £70,000 per annum.


  • In 2015 an award of £400 was made to replace a cooker.


  • In 2014 help of £650 was given to help with a leaking flat roof.


  • Also in 2014 a separated wife was helped with a grant.


  • In 2013 a grant of £720 was made to help repair a drive.


  • Awards totalling £1,750 were also made in 2013 to such diverse applications as boiler repairs, a television replacement, a replacement washing machine and a new boiler.


  • The trust maintains a standing sum at Stuart Court to provide taxis for those who need to visit Leicester and also for the purchase of newspapers.

Grants to children at school



  • In 2015 6 children from King Edward V11 were each helped with £350 towards a study visit to Venice in furtherance of their Design and Technology course. 




Grants to individuals on apprentice schemes or other courses.



  • Cabinet Maker.


The Educational Branch of the Charity has given help to an apprentice on a

number of occasions to purchase tools for his chosen field of cabinet making.

He has always thanked the Charity for its help and also kept us abreast of his

progress sending photographs of his work.






  • Hairdresser


An apprentice hairdresser was granted £270 to purchase specialist scissors

and other items for his apprenticeship.

Student Education Fund from the Harley Trust


Grants to individuals attending further and higher education establishments



Grants, of up to £1,000, are made to those attending or about to attend further education. The following are a sample of the courses taken by Harley Trust beneficiaries:-


  • Zoology at Leicester.

  • Business Management and Human Resources at Nottingham Trent.

  • Meteorology and Oceanography at East Anglia.

  • Hospitality and Catering at Loughborough College.

  • Psychology at Leicester.

  • Spanish and German at Cambridge.

  • Early Childhood Studies at Hallam.

  • Product and Furniture Design at Kingston.

  • Veterinary Science at Liverpool.


  • Language Student

An application came to the Harley Trust for a student who wanted to participate in a two-week intensive German language course in the picturesque surroundings of Heidelberg.   He has subsequently sent us a report outlining the sucess of his course.


Grants to Schools

















  • Duke of Edinburgh award scheme equipment - Hind Leys School 


  • Trim Trail - Swannington C of E Primary School


  • Outside play equipment - Belton Primary School


  • Special Unit's swimming lessons - Hugglescote Primary School


  • Magic Carpet Interactive Floor Mat - Forest Way School


  • Weather Station and greenhouse for gardening club - Ashby School


  • Chicken keeping equipment - Griffydam Primary School


  • Staging for the school hall - Woodstone Community Primary School


  • Tricycles and scooters - Belton Playgroup


Harley Trust Charitable giving
Harley Trust helping young people

The grants we award to schools will vary with each application we receive.  


We expect the schools to match fund anything that we award.


Grants in the past have varied from £150 up to £6,500.  

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