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The Education Branch

The Education Branch of the Harley Trust splits its grants approximately in the ratio two-thirds to young people and one-third to the thirty schools serving the preferred area of benefit.


The Education branch awards a diverse range of grants to both schools and individuals who are eligible.



Take a look at the list of examples here.



The Trustees consider all of the applications at the bi-annual meetings, towards the end of April and again towards the end of September.  


All applications should reach the Charity Administrators by the first of either April or September.


   Thomas Harley's Charities

   c/o Charity Link

   20a Millstone Lane


   LE1 5JN

   Contact:  Sue Stevenson

   Tel:  0116 222 2200



Young Persons Grants.


If you are under 25, your parents live in Leicestershire and their joint income is less than £41,000 then you may be eligible for a grant.


Grants rarely exceed £2,000.


There are generally three categories into which you may fall:-

  • You are at school or sixth form college and wish to go on a school educational visit or course that you believe will enhance your education. In addition grants have been made to those making visits to assist in third world countries on specific projects.


  • You have a conditional offer for or are already in higher education. If you are in higher education you will need to apply each year for a continuing grant.  Second degrees will not be eligible for a grant.


  • You wish to take up an apprenticeship and need help with buying tools or other help.



You can download an application form here.







Please ensure that you read the form carefully, complete all relevant sections and enclose the required supporting documentation.


School Grants



Schools which have pupils from the preferred area of benefit can apply for funds to enhance the school’s amenities.


To see if your school falls into the preferred area of benefit follow the link.







There is no standard form for these applications as they are all different.  However, your application must be in writing and clearly set out what is being requested, why it will be of benefit/how it will be used and include quotations for any hardware etc.


The school is also expected to provide matching funds.




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