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The Charitable Branch 

If you are the dependant of a deceased member of the clergy, live in the Leicester Diocese and have an income of less than £25,000 per annum then you are eligible to apply for a Charitable Branch grant.


These grants are in three parts.

A Temporary Aid Grant


This is an annual means tested grant, usually issued in December each year.  The Leicester Diocese holds records of all dependants of deceased clergy and if you are eligible you should receive this grant without making a separate application.  If you think you are eligible, but are not getting this grant then please contact the Diocesan Office via:


The Bishops Officer

A Wessel

16 High Street

Desford, Leics




A Relief in Need Grant

These one-off grants are available to help with the cost of unforeseen emergencies such as a replacement cooker or roof repairs.  

An application form can be downloaded here.


The form should be completed by you and then signed off by your diocesan visitor, after which it can be sent to the Charity Administrators:


Thomas Harley's Charities

c/o Charity Link

20a Millstone Lane




Please ensure that you include appropriate quotations for the goods or services.

A Bereavement Grant

An automatic grant of £3,000 is made to clergy widows/widowers upon the death of their husband/wife.

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