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The Harley Trust

The Harley Hall, Osgathorpe, built by Thomas Harley and where the Harley Trust Meets

Thomas Harley of Osgathorpe, who died in 1670, left in his will sufficient funds to build alms houses, a school and a school house, all in Osgathorpe, and land rentals to endow six clergy widows with £10 per annum each and £40 per annum for the headmaster of the school. 

The Harley Trust currently has a net income of approximately £240,000 per annum. In accordance with Thomas Harley’s will 75% of this income is distributed to the dependants of deceased clergy in the Diocese of Leicester and 25% to the education of young people under the age of twenty-five whose parents live in Leicestershire; the latter is notionally divided two-thirds to young people, with a preference for those who live in Osgathorpe, Belton and the old Urban District of Coalville, and one-third to the schools which serve these areas.

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